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Summer Reading List: II

This is a revised version of the Summer Reading List dated July 19, 2014

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For some, summer brings long days stretched out by the pool with a hardcover or juicy paperback; for others, an e-book on the phone or audio book in the car can do the trick. Whatever the season has in store, it provides ample opportunities . . . and we've got more than enough titles to keep you reading.
And so begins the 2014 Summer Books Preview from the Los Angeles Times. Magazines and newspapers from Glamour to the Wall Street Journal offer their recommendations for your summer escape. This year the TED community has entered the fray with a mega-list of 70 books that only a TED-head would attempt during the sultry summer months.

Beginning fifteen or twenty years ago and continuing up through the present, articles about pit bulls were almost exclusively dominated by pit bull advocacy. Many of the articles were written by advocates or the journalists were writing from talking points memos supplied by advocacy groups. Some articles were essentially ghost-written by advocacy groups.1

There is still plenty of the old writing to be found, but this summer there's also something new. For the first time in years many journalists and editorial writers have thrown off the shackles of pit bull political correctness; there is a revival of common sense and honesty in these new articles about the hazards of living with pit bulls. The new pit bull journalism brings a welcome breath of fresh air to a genre that has been stagnant too long.

Grab your sunscreen and beach gear and pack the kids. Fire up your iPad and get ready for something new: the truth about pit bulls. Here's the SRUV list of recommended summer reading.

Image courtesy of The Guardian: Summer Reading 2014; Illustration by Laszlito

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 1.  Pit bulls are dangerous and should be feared
     July 27, 2014; Barry Lewis, Times Herald-Record

 2.  There is no need for pit bulls
     June 29, 2014; Cincinnati Enquirer

 3.  The Problem with pit bulls
     June 20, 2014; Charlotte Alter, Time Magazine

 4.  What we know about pit bull owners
     July 26, 2014; Rich Tosches, The Denver Post

Two articles by Dr Ellicott McConnell, published in the Star-Democrat (Easton, MD)

 5.  Blame the owner? (June 22, 2014)

 6.  Temperament vs teachings (July 27, 2014)

Bonus pages:

 7.  Dog attack victim victory in court is bad news for irresponsible dog owners

 8.  Face it: pit bulls are hard-wired to kill

A special list of articles from Patriot-News journalist Eric Veronikis:

 9. Pit bulls responsible for most dog attacks/deaths in U.S. and Canada

10. Philadelphia man says attack on daughter . . .

11.  Couple's life forever altered after two pit bulls kill toddler

12.  Family traumatized by vicious attack of 7-year-old son

13.  Pit bull attacks leave lasting wounds, devastate families

14.  Pit bull kills one dog, attacks another in Carlisle; owner vows it won't happen again

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1 See Pimping Pit Bulls