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Timeline of pit bull attacks on horses

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SRUV stopped logging pit bull attacks on horses in February 2016.

Call for dogs to be put on leashes after horse attacked at Weigall Oval Reserve trotting track in Plympton
   February 9, 2016; Adelaide Now (Adelaide Messenger)

Two Pit Bulls Shot Dead After Attacking And Killing Pony
   January 14, 2016; FlaglerLive
Remy’s mouth and nostril area had been torn away by the dogs, according to the deputy. “It was extremely painful to have to watch that happen, and to see what he had to go through before he passed away,” Terrell’s daughter Kristen said. “It’ll be something I’ll never be able to forget.”

Remy, d. January 14, 2016

Horse recovering after dogs attack
   January 6, 2016; News-Bulletin (Valencia County, MN)


Mini-donkey attacked by pit bulls in Baldwin Co.
   October 16, 2015; WMAZ 13

Neighbor defends actions to shoot, kill dog in Choctaw
   October 6, 2015; KOKH Fox 25 Oklahoma City

Dog attacks miniature horses; two killed
   October 4, 2015; Alachua County Sheriff (AL)

Pony put down after dog attack
   *Warning: graphic images*
   September 24, 2015; Horse and Hound

Rosarito citizens urge the prohibition of pit bulls on public beaches
   May 1, 2015; Baja Times (Mexico)
. . . and also a horse was bitten by another Pit Bull while riding on the beach on a tour.

Vicious pit bull attacks NYPD patrol horse
   April 23, 2015; NY Post

Horse euthanized after pit bull attack in central Oregon
   March 12, 2015; Portland

Town of Turtle donkey dies after pit bull attack
   February 12, 2015; Turtle WI (Gazette Xtra)

Pit bull attacks horses
   January 16, 2015; Sonoma Union Democrat


Horse, rider survive vicious pit bull attack
   December 31, 2014

Pit bull attack leaves horse seriously wounded
   December 7, 2014

Pit bulls attacking horses in Tome has neighbors fed up
   December 3, 2014

Horse has to be put down after brutal attack
   November 17, 2014
[The 3 dogs] caused enough injuries that this horse had to be euthanized and lost her life for no purpose. A completely unprovoked vicious attack on an animal that's in a pen. She wasn't even running, just standing there enjoying the sunshine and having some hay.

Eco and Molly, the pit bulls that killed Paisley

3 dogs attack horse in south Reno
   August 15, 2014;  Reno Gazette-Journal

   August 9, 2014; Santa Clarita Valley Signal
The horse suffered puncture wounds to the abdomen and had “chunks” taken out of its legs, but is currently recovering at a veterinary facility.

Pit bulls alleged to be killing animals
    August 5th, 2014; Picayune Item
Gonzales said she owns horses that are worth $40,000 to $50,000 and she is scared to go out of town for fear the dogs might get a horse in the stall.

Mounted officer shoots and kills dog after it attacked the police horse
    July 23, 2014; Daily Mail
Miami police say the horse, named Sara, had deep wounds to both her front and hind legs following the attack

Man shoots pit bulls that kill two miniature horses
   June 27, 2014; ABC 33 Tuscaloosa AL

Neighbors want more done after dogs kill miniature horses
    July 3, 2014; Fox6 WBRC
I spent the last six weeks feeding it every three hours in my little car lot uptown. I brought it here two days ago and two of them were killed, another stallion and the little bay. It was very sad. . . . Lt. Andy Norris says the dogs' owner was identified and charged with permitting dogs to run at large, which is a $25 fine. 

Randy Rogers wth his miniature horses

Colt attacked by pit bull in Sabine parish
    June 24, 2014; KSLA Many LA

The dog hunted down the horse
    June 20, 2014; The Muskegon Chronicle

WFPD charges man who shoots pit bulls to protect horses
    June 17,2014; Wichita Falls, TX

Riders thrown as dog attacks horses
    June 16, 2014; The Dominion Post

Killer dog attacks horses and humans
    June 16, 2014; Channel 3 News, New Zealand

Pit bull attacks police horse outside Dodgers Stadium
    April 4, 2014;

Miniature horse killed by pit bulls in Fayetteville pasture
    Feb 18, 2014; ABC 11 Eyewitness news

Woman fights off pit bulls after attack on Horse
    Feb 13, 2014

Miniature Horse Killed in Yuba City
    Feb 10, 2014

Owner called to court after dog attacks police horse
    Jan 23, 2014

Dogs shot while attacking horses in Golden Gate Estates
3 pit bulls killed while attacking 2 horses
Pit Bulls Shot and Killed While Attacking Horses in Collier County
   Jan 17, 2014
An off-duty sheriff's office employee shot and killed three pit bulls as they were
attacking his neighbor's horses in Collier County

2013 & earlier

Pit bulls attack, kill Florida Girl's Miniature Horse
   Dec 31, 2013

Neighbor fights off pit bulls' brutal attack on horse
    Dec. 21, 2013

Pit bull attacks horse on riding trail
   October 5, 2013; Sentinel Enterprise (Ashby, MA)

Dog attacks miniature horse used for therapy
    July 12, 2013

Pit bull attacks 6 therapy horses
   June 12, 2013

Pit bull attacking police horse caught on video
    March 22, 2013

Officers shoot, kill pit bull attacking carriage horse in Sacramento
    December 22, 2010

New pit bull attack on horse in canyon
    April 22, 2008
   Another off-leash pit bull has attacked and injured a horse being ridden near Auburn – the second in less than three weeks.

Worthy of note:
The infamous 2012 attack on a police horse at San Francisco's Crissy Field was foreshadowed by a similar attack on a mounted officer in Golden Gate park nearly a decade earlier.

Unleashed pit bull attacks police horse at San Francisco's Crissy Field
    August 7, 2012
Vicious dog beats death sentence in San Francisco
    January 11, 2013
    Read additional sources on the Crissy Field attack here.
Pit bull in attack at park trained to be companion / SPCA volunteer's dog may have been spooked by horse
   November 25, 2003