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Ohio Reeling From Pit Bull Attacks

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"The event is to recognize Barb Sears' efforts in improving public safety for all of us regarding all dog breeds," said Jean Keating, co-founder of the Lucas County Pit Crew. "It's not really just about 'pit bulls,' it's about improving safety in our community from all dangerous dogs."
   Jean Keating, Lucas County Pit Crew
   Pit bull advocates to mark change to vicious dog law
   Toledo Blade, May 18, 2012

"We feel that this is not only more fair to the dogs, but also makes our state safer since the new law gives dog wardens tools to go after dangerous dogs of all breeds," he said.
   John Dinon, HSUS
   Former Exec. Director, Toledo Area Humane Society
   House axes 25-year-old 'pit bull' law
   Toledo Blade, February 9, 2912

"I think the new law is going to be a good thing. It's going to result in the residents of Lucas County being safer."
   Julie Lyle, Lucas County Dog Warden
   House axes 25-year-old 'pit bull' law
   Toledo Blade, February 9, 2912

In the spring of 2012 Ohio's pit bull advocates celebrated the new state law which removed the definition of pit bulls as inherently vicious. The advocates had argued that eliminating the breed-specific language would make the citizens of Ohio safer.

Following the recent Ohio pit bull attacks Ms Keating continued to insist the new law was effective:
[The new law] is much more proactive. It identifies dangerous dogs before they hurt people. That's where our focus needs to be: identifying these dogs long before these incidents occur. Dog attacks occur with every breed, in every city, and most of them are equally horrific.1
Jean Keating

Fatal dog attacks do not occur with every breed; Ms Keating's claim is patently false. Do pit bull advocates believe no one will question such sweeping generalizations?

The interview is replete with unsupported assertions. For example, Ms Keating claims that the new law identifies dangerous dogs before they hurt people, but the 2012 Keating/Sears law failed to identify the pit bull type dogs that killed Klonda Richey, Cindy Whisman, and seven-month old Jonathon Quarles Jr.2  

The 2012 Keating/Sears law did not proactively identify the pit bulls that mauled Zainabou Drame and dozens of others so far this year, some of whom are listed below.

Ms Keating's recent NBC interview is an exercise in pedantry; she speaks as if she is tired of explaining the facts to truculent children who refuse to be educated.

Instead of talking dismissively to the interviewer and to the audience Ms Keating must acknowledge that three Ohioans have been killed by pit bull type dogs this year. Ms Keating must realize that her law has not solved Ohio's pit bull problem; it has only added to the toll of grief and misery.

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Forthcoming: Timeline of pit bull attacks in Ohio

1  WNWO Toledo Interview with Keating & Skeldon:

2  The victims of the three fatal pit bull attacks in Ohio to date in 2014.


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