Monday, May 9, 2011

Hall of Shame: II

We see plenty of dog bites: golden retrievers, labradors, chihuahuas, boston terriers, just as much as pit bulls.

You can take a perfectly docile animal and create a very aggressive animal if you put it in the proper environment. Once these behaviors are learned . . . . there are traumatic experiences, psychological damages, behavioral changes that happen that are very difficult to reverse.

Any dog put in that situation, not just a pit bull but any dog, can be aggressive.

     Dr Kelly Gebhardt
     Happy Tails Emergency Vet Clinic

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Revised: April 28, 2013; 19:30 GMT

Ron Phillips was walking his 11-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei named Alfey at 8:30 Thursday night when Alfey was attacked by two pit bulls.

The two pit bulls are owned by Laura Rhynehardt, who says the attack was a big mistake.

After the attack Dr Gebhardt was asked to comment. Those comments are recorded at the top of this post. In a brief TV interview consisting of 81 words Dr Gebhardt manages to avoid a single attribution of responsibility to the pit bulls.

In the first paragraph Dr Gebhardt associates pit bull bites with the bites of chihuahuas. Most listeners would gasp in disbelief at this, had we not head this monstrous deceit so often before. To those who hear it for the first time the association seems otherworldly.

The second, longer paragraph is a litany of canine psycho-babble. Are we to believe that Laura Rhynehardt's pit bulls were formerly docile animals? They then suffered traumatic experiences and behavior changes? Only after they suffered did they attack Alfey? Are we to sympathize with the pit bulls?

In her third, one-line paragraph she expresses, in scientific terms, the classic pit bull defense. Expressed in the vernacular the argument is simply: All dogs bite. This is another mind-manipulating attempt to equate chihuahuas with pit bulls.

What is significant in Dr Gebhardt's TV interview is that her response is undiluted pit bull advocacy shrouded in scientific language. She is therefore nominated to SRUV's Pit Bull Hall of Shame for this brief, shameful, 81-word pit bull defense.

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Statistics in SRUV are from Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada, published by Animal People. To view or download the current PDF click here. Also including information from Dogsbite and Fatal Pit Bull Attacks.


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