Resources on Rescue, Sheltering, Euthanasia, & No-kill

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Shelter Liability:
How behavior testing fails adopters, dogs, volunteers & shelter staff
   Animals 24-7; September 9, 2015

Albuquerque city shelter released dangerous dogs
Office of inspector general’s report confirms allegations
   Animals 24-7; September 6, 2015

No one held to account for Asheville Humane Society pit bull adoption fatality
   Animals 24-7; August 8, 2015

Albuquerque pound broke city’s own dangerous dog law
   Animals 24-7; May 15, 2015

Adopters of imported rescue dogs must consider liability
   by Dr Rebecca Ledger
   June 29, 2015; Vancouver Sun

Shelter sued for rehoming pit bull who attacked woman
   Animals 24-7; May 2, 2015

Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department #2 and behaviorist allege neglect of public safety in pushing pit bull adoptions
   Animals 24-7; April 2, 2915

Stamford shelter manager is first in U.S. to be charged with reckless endangerment for rehoming dangerous dogs
   Animals 24-7, June 23, 2014

Fitchburg (MA) becomes third public shelter to suspend operations due to liability concerns about pit bulls
   Animals 24-7, June 18, 2014

Shelters sued for attacks by rehomed pit bulls
   Animals 24-7; May 15, 2014
Euthanasia & No-kill:
Who invented no-kill?
   Animals 24-7; October 25, 2015

The no-kill myth: It’s cruel to dogs and cats to pledge to end shelter euthanasia
   September 28, 2015; NY Daily News

Do "No-Kill" Shelters Harm Other Shelters?
   September 27, 2015; Devore Shelter Friends

Can you trust these live release rate statistics?
   by Stephanie Dickrell
   May 3, 2015; St Cloud Times

'No-kill' pits shelter against shelter -- and animals lose
   March 6, 2015; Fresno Bee

Casualties of the “save rate”
   Animals 24-7; February 25, 2015

No-kill shelters are a commendable concept, but take a closer look
   by Michael W. Fox, DVM
   Washington Post; January 28, 2015

Taiwan adopts plan to become no-kill nation by 2017
   Animals 24-7; January 25, 2015

Shelter rabies cases remind of the risk in trying to "save them all"
   Animals 24-7; December 21, 2014

Record low shelter killing raises both hopes & questions
   Animals 24-7; November 14, 2014

Growth of no-kill policies can jam animal shelters
   by Mike Hendricks
   Kansas City Star; August 30, 2014

Nathan Winograd in Perspective
   Animals 24-7; July 31, 2014

Who invented no-kill?
   Animals 24-7; July 31, 2014

Pit bulls were 32% of US shelter inventory in June 2014
   Animals 24-7, July 5, 2014

Why do shelters with empty cages kill animals at night?
   Animals 24-7, June 13, 2014

Are No-Kill shelters good for dogs and cats?
   by Brian Palmer
   Slate; May 19, 2014

We cannot adopt our way out of shelter killing
   Animals 24-7, March 12, 2014

Pit bull overload floods shelters, strains rescuers
   Chicago Tribune; December 5, 2013

Pit bulls clog shelters
   Columbus Dispatch; August 19, 2013

Pit bulls and political recklessness
   Animals 24-7; September 16, 2012

Pit bulls and shelter bankruptcy
   by Alexandra Semyonova
   17 Barks; June 20, 2012
Oakland, CA
A new age for sheltering in Oakland
   by Sam Levin
   East Bay Express; January 28, 2015

Animal advocates debate a no kill policy for Oakland Animal Services
     by Molly Pierce
    Oakland North; December 18, 2014

Relocating Surplus Southern Animals:
Love your pit bull, but pay the price
June 26, 2015; Calgary Herald

Dogs rescued from the U.S. causing problems in B.C.: animal advocacy group
June 23, 2015; Vancouver Sun

17 bully breed dogs on 'death row' in California sent to Calgary
June 22, 2015; Calgary Herald

Wings of Rescue takes Bakersfield pit bulls to Canada
June 22, 2015; Bakersfield Now

Adoption transport, Crazy Cat Ladies, & pyramid schemes
   Animals 24-7; March 4, 2015

ASPCA to transport dogs from Beaufort Co. Animal Services, Hilton Head Human Society to DC for adoption
   WCSC Live5; March 3, 2015
The ASPCA will transfer dogs from the Lowcountry (Beaufort County Animal Services Facility and the Hilton Head Humane Association) to Washington twice a month for the next three years.

Rather Than Fix the Problem, Houston Officials Ship Stray Animals Off to Other States
   by Craig Malisow
   Houston Press; February 17, 2015

A Peek Inside Rescued Pets Movement's Lawsuit Against a Foster
   by Craig Malisow
   Houston Press; February 17, 2015

Hilton Head dogs sent up north for a chance at a better life
   WJCL News; January 11, 2015

Rescued dogs from Florida coming to Waterloo
   Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier; January 9, 2015

Larimer Humane Society receives dogs from failed Florida rescue
   The Coloradoan; January 8, 2015

SC helping relieve animal shortages in other states
   WLTX19; January 2, 2015

Local shelter offers rescue dogs to foster and adopt
   Castine Patriot, December 18, 2014
   With many shelters in Maine operating as “no-kill” shelters, “it’s difficult to deal with the controversy around importing rescue dogs,” she said, something that the sanctuary does whenever it has available room. Its most recent dogs come from a gassing facility in South Carolina.

Florida man flies 3,000th rescue animal to safety
   Associated Press; December 18, 2014
   Bennett volunteers with Pilots and Paws. The South Carolina-based charity that enlists small plane pilots to take animals from overcrowded shelters that have high euthanasia rates to foster homes, rescue groups and less-crowded shelters that don't kill them.

Rescue dog pipeline flows from California to Washington
   by Brynn Grimley
   The News Tribune, December 13, 2014

Lack of regulation of dog rescues puts more burden on adoptive owners
   by Brynn Grimley
   The News Tribune, December 13, 2014

Lakewood woman faces criticism for adopting out dangerous dogs
   by Brynn Grimley
   The Olympian; December 13, 2014
News Articles:
Two-week trial postponement for animal rescue operator who had dead, emaciated dogs at Dumont house
   June 17, 2015; Cliff View Pilot

Popular as pups, adult pit bulls increasingly discarded, surrendered
   June 11, 2015; Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Animal rescue operator charged with cruelty, neglect for dead, emaciated dogs at Dumont house
   June 8, 2015; Cliff View Pilot

Proposed bill could end Austin's 'no kill' status
   March 12 2015; KVUE

County grapples with overhaul of animal shelters
   by Abby Sewell
   Los Angeles Times; February 7, 2015

Movement to save shelter pets growing in Contra Costa
   SFGate; January 26, 2015

Pressure mounting on Contra Costa Animal Services to reduce euthanasia
   San Jose Mercury News; January 24, 2015

Alternatives to euthanasia
   By Rob Blizard, Norfolk SPCA
   The Virginian-Pilot; January 4, 2015

No-Kill shelters save millions of unwanted pets, but not all of them; December 31, 2014

A look back at the journey to no-kill in 2014
   Bradenton Herald (FL); December 31, 2014

Animal euthanasia target of zero in 3 years: Taichung Mayor Lin
   China Post; December 28, 2014

Pit bull most euthanized breed on Front Range
   Rocky Mountain PBS-I News; November 27, 2014

El Paso County shelter euthanized more than one pit bull a day in 2013
   Rocky Mountain PBS-I News; November 21, 2014

Animal euthanasia or no-kill? The answer isn’t pretty
   Long Beach Press-Telegram; March 18, 2014

How no-kill dog control came to Kolkata, India
   by Debasis Chakrabarti
   June 15, 2003
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. . . . more [rehomed] shelter dogs have killed and disfigured people in 2014 alone than killed and disfigured people in the entire time from 1858 through 2009.
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