The following list includes a few of the more notable recent Canadian articles on pit bulls

SRUV Posts:
First X, Then Y, Then Z (July 2, 2015)

Carnival of Madness: Canada (June 17, 2015)

Burnaby NewsLeader (November 13, 2013)

Importing pit bulls (November 1, 2013)

BC's Problem (September 25, 2013)

Love your pit bull, but pay the price
June 26, 2015; Calgary Herald

Dogs rescued from the U.S. causing problems in B.C.: animal advocacy group
June 23, 2015; Vancouver Sun

17 bully breed dogs on 'death row' in California sent to Calgary
June 22, 2015; Calgary Herald

Wings of Rescue takes Bakersfield pit bulls to Canada
June 22, 2015; Bakersfield Now

Pit bull bans work
by Barbara Kay
June 19, 2015; The National Post

Membertou pit bull ban working
June 17, 2015; Cape Breton Post

Pit bull dog breed is a danger to general public
by Mia Johnson
June 16, 2015; The Alberni Times

Number of incidents with pit bulls a concern
by Mia Johnson
May 30, 2015; Nanaimo Daily News

Pit bull controversy reignites after boy is mauled by two dogs
May 22, 2015; Global News

Pit bull ban is logical next step
May 20, 2015; Vancouver Sun

Pit bulls are inherently high-risk dogs
By Barbara Kay
May 13, 2015; Montreal Gazette (Opinion)

Time to debate pit bull ban
May 13, 2015; Calgary Herald (Editorial)

Canada, Get Rid Of Pit Bulls Once And For All
By Jesse Ferreras
May 13, 2015; Huffington Post

Dog's coat saves him from pit bull attack
The Telegram; February 20, 2015
. . . the pit bull was one of seven that had been abandoned last year in a home in Conception Bay South and later rescued.

More Pit Bull Attacks Fuel Call for Ban
   By Bill Tieleman
   The Tyee; February 17, 2015

Denying a Dog's Danger
   By Bill Tieleman
   The Tyee; January 13, 2015

Enough with Attacks, BC Must Ban Pit Bulls
   By Bill Tieleman
   The Tyee; January 6, 2015

What pit bull activism says about our culture
   by Barbara Kay
   National Post; January 2, 2015

Senior attacked by pit bulls outside Langley store; newborn mauled by the family pet
The attacks have renewed debate over keeping pit bulls as pets
   by Susan Lazaruk
   The Province; December 30, 2014

Pet Pit Bull Dog Attacks 3-Week-Old In Canada
   International Business Times; December 29, 2014

Quebec pit bull decision puts dog owners ahead of public safety
   by Barbara Kay
   National Post; November 5, 2014

Pit bull ‘disembowels’ beloved therapy dog in ‘unprovoked’ Vancouver attack
   by Bethany Lindsay
   Postmedia News; November 3, 2014

Vindication for Ontario's pit bull ban
   National Post; October 6, 2014

Pit bulls were Toronto’s biggest biters, before the ban
   Toronto Star; October 3, 2014

Pit bull attack suggests that dog owner isn't always the problem
   by Charlie Smith
   Georgia Straight; September 20th, 2014

Rollover crash reignites controversy over dog rescue traffic from U.S. to Canada
   by Merritt Clifton
   Animals 24-7; September 10, 2014

Banning of the Pit Bulls
   By Jessica Werb
   The Tyee; January 25, 2005

Statistics quoted on SRUV are from the nation's authoritative source for current dog attack statistics, the 30+ year, continuously updated Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada.
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2014 Year-end report of dog attacks
   Animals 24-7; January 3, 2015
32 years of logging fatal & disfiguring dog attacks
   Animals 24-7; September 27, 2014
How many other animals did pit bulls kill in 2014?
   Animals 24-7; January 27, 2015

This page may also include information from Dogsbite &Fatal Pit Bull Attacks.

Google News: Today's pit bull attacks

2014 Dog Bite Related Fatalities on Daxton's Friends
Index of canine fatalities on Daxton's Friends

SRUV uses the definition of "pit bull" as found in the Omaha Municipal Code Section 6-163. As pit bulls are increasingly crossed with exotic mastiffs, Catahoula Leopard Dogs and other breeds, the vernacular definition of "pit bull" must be made even more inclusive.

Sources cited by news media sometimes refer to "Animal Advocates" or sometimes "Experts." In many cases these words are used to refer to single-purpose pit bull advocates who have never advocated for any other breeds or species of animals. Media would be more accurate to refer to these pit bull advocates as advocates of fighting breeds.

Similarly, in many cases pit bull advocates refer to themselves as "dog lovers" or "canine advocates" and media often accepts this usage. The majority of these pit bull advocates are single-purpose advocates of fighting breeds.