The belief that pit bulls show no more aggressive tendencies than Golden Retrievers is widely accepted and often repeated. This belief is an outrage to reason.

The School of Veterinary Medicine at Hannover, Germany (TiHo) has been instrumental in promoting the belief. SRUV's series of posts on TiHo investigates the origin of the belief, which we have labeled The Hannover Formula.
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Index of SRUV Posts on TiHo
    1. Irreparable Harm
    2. Annotated Timeline
    3. Canine Aggression
    4. Commentary: Notes 1 - 4
    5. Where is Johann?
    6. Commentary: Notes 5 - 8
    7. Chinese Whispers
    8. The 11th Subtest
    9. Personal Communication
    10. Test for Aggression
    11. Conclusions
    12. Appendix IV
    13. Fighting Breeds
    14. Commentary: Note 9 (forthcoming)
    15. AVBIG (forthcoming)
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  3. Safety and Comfort
  4. Prescriptions
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Institut für Tierschutz und Verhalten der Tierärztlichen Hochschule Hannover (TiHo)

Institute of Animal Welfare and Behavior of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover
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