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Humane Contradiction

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Any dog in the wrong hands can be dangerous.
Scott Beckstead, Humane Society of the US

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To: Grady Singletary, Publisher, The Mail Tribune

The Mail Tribune is to be commended for their coverage of Medford's current pit bull conundrum. But despite the thorough coverage the public has been left with misconceptions. We are writing to correct several statements made by the advocates of fighting breeds.

Mr Beckstead's statement (above) that any dog can be dangerous is irresponsible. It was not a Yorkshire Terrier that attacked and killed Anne Ziegler's Simon. It was not a Dachshund that attacked Kathleen Olmstead's companion Halee.

Mr Beckstead is wrong but his motives are obvious. When representatives of animal shelters and humane organizations are asked to comment they all too often resort to their advocacy talking points. Common sense tells us that a Yorkie is not going to attack an Anatolian Shepherd; it's plain crazy to think so. If Mr Beckstead were talking with Ms Ziegler or Ms Olmstead privately would he have the chutzpah to insist that any dog would have attacked Simon or Halee?

It is bizarre for Mr Beckstead to insist that the canine companions which share our homes and lives are potentially dangerous and may attack us at any moment. And yet this is the position the Humane Society has taken: all dogs are potentially as dangerous as pit bulls. This is a corruption of the human-animal bond. This belief is incompatible with humane work and Mr Beckstead should quit his job if he truly believes all dogs are as dangerous as pit bulls. He is misleading the public and performing a disservice to our animal companions.

Simon, d. December 27, 2013

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It would be difficult to offer an adequate response to Ms Frost's opinion piece (Jan 19), because every one of her twelve paragraphs contains misrepresentations. Commenter GeeWhiz responded to Ms Frost with appropriate irony:
All the above is correct except where it is just plain wrong.
In her editorial Ms Frost offers a catalog of pit bull advocacy, including the claim that Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is costly and ineffective. This unsupported assertion is patently false. Both Denver and Miami-Dade passed BSL in 1989, and they may be the only remaining major US cities which have not experienced a fatal pit bull attack. Since 1989 Miami-Dade has had no fatal attacks while there have been 18 fatal pit bull attacks elsewhere in Florida.

Neither Mr Beckstead nor Ms Frost acknowledge the painful legacy of pit bull attacks. There were at least 25 fatal pit bull attacks in calendar year 2013 -- a human death every two weeks -- and 407 attacks which caused permanent disfigurement -- an average of more than one a day. Thousands of our more vulnerable animal companions and other domestic animals were attacked, and hundreds of them killed. Advocates of fighting breeds who are unwilling to respond to this legacy of grief in a meaningful way are not credible.

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Councilor Daniel Bunn acknowledges there is a problem, but has been quoted saying it's not the pit bulls' fault. Councilor Bunn is wrong: these attacks are the dog's fault. Nearly half of the people who were killed by pit bulls in calendar year 2013 were killed by their own much loved pet pit bulls, many of which had not previously demonstrated aggression. Pit bull advocates have convinced a large part of the public that pit bulls are essentially the same as other dogs, and only those which have been abused or poorly socialized become vicious. This is demonstrably false.

Mayor Gary Wheeler has gone on record saying that BSL is not on the table. Doubtless this is because he fears potential blowback from pit bull advocates. Burnaby BC recently found itself in a similar position, when the Council considered strengthening their already existing BSL. The Burnaby Council demonstrated their fortitude by withstanding the barrage of pit bull advocacy and passing the new, stronger legislation:
I'll call it the vocal minority that's been addressing us, . . . passionate about their pit bull dog. But we have a very silent majority out there that is in support of what the council is doing and they want us to not change our mind about restraining vicious dogs in the public.

    ~ Coun. Pietro Calendino, The Province, October 2013
The citizens of Medford will be grateful if their own council acts with similar fortitude.

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