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Out-of-control dog attacks, kills small dog

WSAU, Wausaw, WI
Tuesday, July 07, 2015 4:22 a.m. CDT

Humane Society of Marathon County Executive Director Mary Kirlin said not all pit bulls are bad.
“Just like people, dogs have their own issues and their own likes and dislikes. Not every person likes every other person, not every dog likes every other dog,” Kirlin said. “There can be a lot of things that happen." 
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On July 3, 2015, a poochon named Snowball was attacked and killed by a pit bull named Krayze in Wausau, Wisconsin. Krayze had attacked a husky puppy the week before he killed Snowball. That tells you just about all you need to know.

But then Mary Kirlin, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Marathon County, commented on the attack, and it became manifestly more interesting. Every time a pit bull attacks Ms Kirlin can be counted on to say something infuriating. On this occasion she uttered the thoughtless, insensitive, cruel comment above about likes and dislikes.

Ms Kirlin is mindless of the grief suffered by the human companions of our more vulnerable animal companions. Her first thoughts are of the pit bulls, and how to mitigate the damage to their reputations.

Ms Kirlin suggests that the killing of Snowball is equivalent to a minor snit between teen-aged girls; that Snowball was killed because she was "disliked." Her comments have become so casual, so routine, so dismissive of the suffering and loss that they are simply repugnant. What is of greater importance, in this case, are the reader comments below the story, which are copied in their entirety below.

The councilmen, legislators, other public servants and "animal welfare" professionals in Wisconsin would be wise to note the responses of their constituents.

Apricot Poochon Puppy from Chevromist Kennels
(Wikimedia Commons, Hockey252)

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Reader Comments:

Jeff Duranso
If that happened to me, by the time my lawyer got done with the dog's owner they`d be living under a bridge.
Cindy >Jeff Duranso
Well it happened to me. I was attacked and still suffer from the injuries and my Chihuahua was killed by this monster. The skank owner complained that she is on welfare and foodstamps and didn't have much money. So I get a big 750. for my murdered little companion and my pain and she only pays 40. a month. She continually tries to skip out on paying and I have to go to the courthouse and file papers. She was legally allowed to get another pit bull. She couldn't be sued for more because my attorney said she didn't have anything. So too bad for me. She should be in jail or beat up! Maybe this pit will attack her!
Heidi S
That is hilarious -- that some have been trained to attack... I thought that's what they were bred for.... Humane Society always looking out for society as a whole, great job! This time a puppy next time an infant...

Robert Parent
Oh look, a 'pit bulls are a menace' thread!!
Denise >Robert Parent
Oh look, it's an unfeeling, uncaring about any other breed of dog other than a pit bull obsessed jerk!!
What the hay is the humane society doing promoting pit bulls? They KILL pets and people with impunity. Are they suggesting that the owner in this case trained his dog to break containment to kill innocent puppies? is that what they're suggesting. Humane societies are supposed to be HUMANE. It is not humane to promote the kind of dog that kills more than ALL OTHER KINDS OF DOGS COMBINED. That is highly irresponsible and just disgusting. They are becoming merchants of death.

Animals 24-7
Humane societies, in their zeal to save every dog, have abdicated their moral duty to protect the public and other animals from dangerous dogs, most whom have been bred specifically to be dangerous. The history is worth recalling.
There were two fatalities involving shelter dogs from 1858 through 1999, both involving wolf hybrids, one in 1988 and one in 1989.
There were three fatalities involving shelter dogs from 2000 through 2009, involving a pit bull, a Doberman, and a Presa Canario.
There have been 37 fatalities involving shelter dogs from 2010 to present, involving 29 pit bulls, seven bull mastiffs, two Rottweilers, a Lab who may have been part pit bull, and a husky.
Also of note, there were 32 disfiguring maulings by shelter dogs from 1859 through 2009, 19 of them involving pit bulls.
From 2010 to present, there have been 136 disfiguring maulings by shelter dogs, 97 of them involving pit bulls. 17 shelter dogs have killed or disfigured people thus far in 2015, all of them pit bulls.
For every human killed, hundreds of animals have been--about 6,500 animals killed by shelter dogs per year in 2013-2014, more than 90% by pit bulls.
Only 26 fatalities associated with exploding Ford Pinto gas tanks, over seven years, were sufficient to kill the sales of what had been the top-selling car in history, ahead of even the Volkswagen beetle.
Ultimately, what shelters are doing in focusing on adopting out pit bulls instead of drastically curtailing the pit bull birth rate & discouraging acquisition of "bully" breeds is flirting with the same sort of disaster that killed the Pinto: persuading the public that shelters are not a good place to get a dog.

ban pit bulls
I say go after the humane society for not doing anything with that dog after the first attack!

teejk >ban pit bulls
In Jackson County Wisconsin the offending dog is apparently given a "3 strike" rule. After the second bite (on my wife and son...two different incidents with two different "shelter dogs" owned by our neighbor) we were advised by the director of the county humane society to "move". We were also advised by the county sheriff that I couldn't shoot them even if on our property. Two weeks before Christmas we lost the most interesting little dachshund to the neighbor's wolf mix (was in our yard...snow on the ground so we knew what happened) while she was "doing her business" after dinner. We now have 2 dachshund puppies. And I have a new H&K 9mm handgun. If it comes to it, these puppies will be defended. I'll go to jail but I am not going to relive that December thing again.
Cindy >teejk
I was told by the previous manager of the humane society in Marathon co. that the lady who runs it now is evil and keeps the pits there longer than she is supposed to and then crys to the city for more money!
Sharon Savage Yildiz
This is why I broke all ties with humane societies and shelters. They are NOT dog experts, and they certainly have not researched the 500 year history of the pit bull as genetically-modified killing machine (known for jumping fences and killing kids even in the 1500's). 1:20 pits sends a pet or human to the hospital each year, compared to 1:3,000 for other breeds. Pit bulls last year killed 18,000 American dogs, including 5 killed at Petsmart alone. Pits kill more humans, more pets and more livestock that all other 300 dog breeds combined, and have since records were first kept in the 1850's. It has NOTHING to do with training, and is 100% genetic. If killing other dogs was about "training," how strange that every dog fighter uses only pit bulls, rather than training Goldens, Great Danes, German Shepherds or any other breeds to fight...

Pit bulls are all genetic ticking time bombs, use at your own risk. You never know when one might go off. Why would any sane human want to take that risk when there are so many other dog breeds? What's up with the Humane Society's ignorance on this subject? They should be more concerned with protecting humans and ALL other dogs and pets than worrying about offending the ignorant pit bull advocates.

Jaloney Caldwell
so great of the worthless media to contact the humane society folks that make money by keeping the pitbull overbreeding fiasco alive and keep the world safe for dog fighting with their promotions of the breed. The people and pets killed and mutilated by New GOD: The pitbull.. is what the tax payers are paying to promote. SICK. http://www.daxtonsfriends.com/...

Get legally armed America! Don't be dead victims of Dangerous dog Attacks!! When they Attack, they get Whacked!! Its just that simple!

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Out-of-control dog attacks, kills small dog
   July 7, 2015; WSAU
Pit Bull kills small dog in Wausau
   July 6, 2015; ABC 9 WAOW

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