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Cities of Strays

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Estimates indicate there could be more than a million stray dogs in Houston, Texas.
USA Today; March 24, 2015
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It became the story that wouldn't die.

In January, 2011 the Detroit Film Office blocked a $1.4 million proposal from the Discovery Channel. Journalist Chris Christoff, writing for the Detroit Free Press, said the proposed docudrama would capture life from the perspective of Detroit's feral and abandoned stray dogs.

Two weeks after Detroit rejected the movie proposal Dan Carlisle1 and Monica Martino posted a five-minute video to YouTube. The video included scenes of stray dogs and, incredibly, a starving American Bulldog eating the carcass of a dead pit bull puppy.

Carlisle's video announced that Detroit was home to 50,000 feral or abandoned strays. The number jolted the animal welfare community. A year later, in March, 2012, Rolling Stone brought the story of Detroit's stray dogs to national attention with City of Strays.

Questions began to surface about Carlisle's figure of 50,000 stray dogs. By late summer of 2013 Tom McPhee, director of the World Animal Awareness Society, decided to put an end to the speculation. In a landmark survey, forty teams of observers would count Detroit's stray dogs on September 21st and 22nd, 2013.

(Image courtesy of American Strays; click to expand)

By this time Chris Christoff had moved from the Detroit Free Press to Bloomberg Business News. In August, 2013, a month before McPhee's planned survey, Christoff reprised his 2011 Free Press stray dogs article. The Bloomberg publication of Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit in Packs as Humans Dwindle hit Detroit and the national animal welfare community like a firestorm. Newspapers around the globe picked up the story.

In his new article Christoff doubled down on the image of Detroit as a ruined city:
 It was almost post-apocalyptic, where there are no businesses, nothing except people in houses and dogs running around.2
A year later, when McPhee's survey was completed and the data tabulated and released, the number of Detroit strays was revised dramatically downward. McPhee determined there were between 1,000 and 3,000 "loose dogs" in Detroit. But the two-and-a-half year drumroll of stray dog news insured that Detroit would never shake the perception of a city occupied by armies of stray dogs.

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There are an estimated 600 million stray dogs spread across the globe, living in nearly every city. According to Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7, there are approximately 5,000 stray dogs in the US on any given day.3

The global stray dog problem is largely identified with cities in developing countries of the global south. The majority of the world's strays are unbred landraces or village dogs, fawn-colored dogs of the kind that existed before man began selectively breeding Canis familiaris.

Many of the global strays live openly in their communities, and are supported either directly or indirectly by the community. Strays in Moscow reportedly know how to use the complex subway system, boarding and getting off at various stops along with their fellow commuters.

America's strays, on the other hand, are a largely invisible population, hiding during the days and foraging for food in the early morning hours. When we talk about American stray dogs, Detroit's in particular, we are talking primarily about pit bull type dogs.

* * * * *

In 2014 the US stray dog news front moved to Saginaw. Throughout the summer and fall packs of strays attacked both companion animals and humans. Trail cameras caught eerie night vision images of dog packs, roaming like zombie dogs along hunting tracks. After one pack was eliminated the county discovered another night-roaming pack, and warned citizens to remain vigilant. In 2015 the cities of Flint, Michigan, and Little Rock, Arkansas reported neighborhoods overrun by stray dogs.

The stray dog problem in Houston is of a different order of magnitude: headlines claimed there were 1.2 million stray dogs in Houston. Unlike Detroit's figures, which were the product of Dan Carlisle's fertile imagination, the 1.2 million figure came from BARC, the city's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care.

After the initial shock of the headlines wore off people realized that 900,000 of those stray animals were cats, allowing for 300,000 stray dogs. BARC had arrived at the number by using "a math formula hodgepodged from a couple of sources."4 McPhee believes Houston's numbers may also be inflated and is now at work surveying Houston's stray dog population.

It would be pointless to compare the stray dog problems in Houston and Detroit. Detroit is a rustbelt city; Houston is a sunbelt city. Detroit is contracting; Houston is expanding. Detroit is 20th-century urban; Houston is 21st-century suburban. Detroit's economy is a shambles; Houston's is booming.

And the dogs are different.

The problems in the two cities aren't comparable but they point to similar failures in each city. The failures can be attributed to both civic institutions and animal welfare organizations. NGO's in Houston, working in concert with BARC, spend a small fortune to ship stray dogs out of state rather than euthanize them. Houston's wealthy animal welfare benefactors have purchased a fleet of specially equipped transporters that are constantly ferrying strays to far-away cities.

Detroit is the end of the line for stray dogs; there's nowhere to ship Detroit strays. Instead the region's numerous pit bull rescue organizations endlessly recycle the breed of obsession, insuring that many pit bulls end up on the streets a second or even a third time.

Rescues could be accused of dog laundering,5 sometimes renaming and moving dangerous dogs from one location to another to hide their history, rather than working for the benefit of all our society's companion animals. Some rescue organizations act with impunity because the state provides little or no oversight. There is a simple solution to Detroit's problem of a runaway rescue system: the state legislature should pass legislation mandating that every dog passing through a licensed Michigan rescue organization or shelter must be entered in a special registry for stray, abandoned, feral, and rescue dogs.

With the recent cessation of efforts to standardize microchipping,6 an alternate registration system must be developed. This would enable law enforcement to determine responsibility for any attacks by rescued dogs, and help public officials track a growing public safety issue. Shelters and rescue organizations would be more inclined to act responsibly when placing fighting breeds in homes, if they knew attacks would be traced back to them.

Before Detroit, out-of-control dog population was associated primarily with third world countries. Detroit, with the assistance of a prolific pit bull advocacy and rescue network, has demonstrated that even a first-world city can make the mistakes that lead to a third-world animal welfare tragedy.

The stray dog problems in Houston, Dallas, Detroit and other American cities is a tragedy created not by nature or by neglect; it is a tragedy created by humans. These humane tragedies were created by the determined, on-going policies of pit bull rescue organizations, and by the passivity of the government institutions that allow them to continue.

As this post was being prepared the Henderson County, NC Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the pit bull who killed six-year-old Joshua Phillip Strother in Hendersonville, North Carolina on July 7 had been adopted from the Asheville Humane Society three weeks before the attack. The dog had been brought to AHS as a stray by the Buncombe County Sheriff's office. It was then monitored by the AHS for 30 days, after which it was adopted by Joshua's neighbors. The Sheriff's Office said no charges will be filed. Joshua was the third fatal pit bull attack in a seven-day period. [Ed. A fourth fatal pit bull attack occurred several days later.]

Joshua Phillip Strother, 6 yo; d. July 7, 2015

Fort Worth Addendum:
FORT WORTH — A skinny brown pit bull sits in a parking lot watching traffic on Berry Street.

Nearby, two more pits — a male and female — roam free. No collars.

A third rounds the corner behind them, dragging his leash down Sydney Street.

Fort Worth has plan to deal with stray dogs
   March 3, 2015; WFAA ABC 8

* * * * *
1   Mr Carlisle, a local Detroit celebrity and entrepreneur, is also a hip-hop artist who records under the name Hush.
2   Amanda Arrington of HSUS; Bloomberg Business News, Aug 20, 2013
3   This figure does not include semi-owned dogs who run at large, as on Native American reservations and in parts of the rural South.
4   Houston's problem is not 1.2 million stray dogs; Houston Chronicle, March 27, 2015
5   See Dog Laundering, SRUV
6   As this post was readied for publication we learned that microchipping has no preventive value. See Entrepreneur finds pet microchip problem unsolvable. States are urged to develop an alternate, reliable registry for identifying and tracking rescue dogs across state lines.

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   The WHO reported in April 2014 that India has about 18,000 to 20,000 cases of rabies a year and 36% of the world's deaths from the disease are found in the country.
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Feral, Abandoned, Loose, and Stray (FALS) Dogs in the United States:
Police dog killed by stray dog in Roan Mountain
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Gunner was attacked by a stray dog he had not seen around the area before. He said the stray dog was a silver pit bull mix.
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   March 20, 2012; Rolling Stone
Duo exposes Detroit's stray dog problem after city rejects reality series
   February 2, 2011; MLive
Detroit won't bite on TV show about stray dogs
   By Chris Christoff; WZZM ABC
   (Originally published in the Detroit Free Press, Jan 13, 2011)

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. . . emergency crews took the girl to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, and she later was airlifted to DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.
$100 million 'symbolic' judgment entered in dog attack case
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Pit bull owners praise breed, fight Waterford ordinance
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   July 6, 2010; Fox2 Detroit
In the second video, a panel of guests joins Huel Perkins to debate pit bulls during a special edition of "Let It Rip". Joining him are Michele Watts, whose dog was killed by a pit bull, Terry Hodskins, who is a pit bull owner, and FOX 2 Legal Analyst Charlie Langton.
Protesters voice outrage over pit bull euthanasia
   November 15, 2009; Oakland Press

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Statistics quoted on SRUV are from the nation's authoritative source for current dog attack statistics, the 30+ year, continuously updated Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada.
View or download the current PDF

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SRUV uses the definition of "pit bull" as found in the Omaha Municipal Code Section 6-163. As pit bulls are increasingly crossed with exotic mastiffs, Catahoula Leopard Dogs and other breeds, the vernacular definition of "pit bull" must be made even more inclusive.

Sources cited by news media sometimes refer to "Animal Advocates" or sometimes "Experts." In many cases these words are used to refer to single-purpose pit bull advocates who have never advocated for any other breeds or species of animals. Media would be more accurate to refer to these pit bull advocates as advocates of fighting breeds.

Similarly, in many cases pit bull advocates refer to themselves as "dog lovers" or "canine advocates" and media often accepts this usage. The majority of these pit bull advocates are single-purpose advocates of fighting breeds.