Friday, July 29, 2011

The Beast Without

Revised: Oct 8, 2012; 16:59 GMT

SRUV would like to note an unusual blog from South Africa, The Beast Without. The blogger is animal behaviorist Mike Wood, DipCABT CABP.

Mr Wood is not a conventional blogger. His posts are rare, long, erudite, and gentlemanly. Reading Mr Wood can be a frustrating exercise for those of us who are certain of our opinions on the subject of fighting breeds; while he freely offers opinions, he rarely takes sides.

A recent post, Pit Bulls: Part 1, serves as an excellent introduction, both to Mr Wood and to his blog. In it the author carefully sets out the issues without being didactic or confrontational. Mr Wood is from South Africa, a country with a humane tradition inherited from Britain and with a profoundly different cultural demographic. Yet there is much to learn from his careful meditations.

Perhaps Mr Wood would consider rehoming to the US?  The debate over pit bulls would surely benefit from this voice of reason.

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  1. I can appreciate Mr. Woods thoughtful analysis, but question his use of the National Canine Research Council and Karen Delise as sources of information. Mr Woods may not be aware that there never was a "Council", just the thoughts of Delise. Ms. Delise must be given credit for the choice of name for her endeavors, it is a fabulous name, but does not accurately describe the function of the NCRC. Delise uses her own opinions as a source cited, and uses other breed advocacy websites in the same manner. The NCRC is now an owned subsidiary of Jane Saul Berkey's Animal Farm Foundation, a blatant breed advocacy organization.


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