Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gameness: IX

They were biting him like it was their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

* * * * * 

74-year old Sawney Brown Bell was walking to work when he was attacked by two pit bull mix dogs in NE Washington.

One dog had him by his skull and he was just ripping, ripping. I hit the dog in the back, the stomach, the head. Nothing worked! said Leroy, a neighbor and friend.  Leroy also tried to help by beating the dogs with a metal pole.

They were biting him like it was their breakfast, lunch , and dinner, said a witness who asked to remain anonymous.

Another neighbor said that the dogs appeared to be trying to "eat" Bell.

After all else had failed and the dogs continued to gnaw at Bell, the neighbors turned to the weapon of last resort: another pit bull. A neighbor loosed his own dog on the attacking dogs and the neighbors were able to save the wounded man.

And in a recent dog-on-dog attack in New Haven, horrified bystanders watched as a pit bull destroyed an elderly woman's companion.  After killing the woman's companion the pit bull continued to work the dog's neck in an effort to decapitate her. The police, recognizing that there was no alternative to killing the pit bull, moved the crowd of bystanders away from the scene.

An officer fired one shot into the pit bull, which had no effect.  Then an officer fired a second shot, hitting the dog again. Still, the pit bull kept going. The officers finally stopped the pit bull after firing 12 - 15 shots.

The distraught human companion of the victim stayed on the scene all day, according to reports.

* * * * *


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