Friday, June 1, 2012

NM May Roll Call

It is more like the Siegfried and Roy thing.
He would be defending the dog no matter what.
Gavin Wright

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Gavin Wright, in the quotation above, is referring to the mauling death of his father  This will be difficult for many to comprehend but the younger Mr Wright presumes to know that his father, as he was being mauled, would be defending the family pit bull at the moment it was killing him.

Is it really necessary for us to discuss the degradation, the loss of humanity, associated with this utterance?

SRUV ended our previous post with the following lines: 
Advocates of fighting breeds have chosen to place their concern for pit bulls above the suffering of humans. We ask the media why the advocates of fighting breeds are provided such generous coverage, following a month of unparalleled violent attacks?
Who will speak for the victims? 
That question is more important than ever.

* * * * * 

The roll call for May:

  • 5/02 / Mauling death of Clifford Wright by family pit bull
  • 5/08 / Mauling death of Jazilyn Mesa by family pit bull
  • 5/15 / 12 year-old leukemia victim Christian Hobbs is attacked
  • 5/19 / Pomeranian killed at children's soccer game
  • 5/24 / Bill Bolling's collie attacked; Bolling stabs two pit bulls 60-70 times
  • 5/28 / Pit bull injures 88 yo woman and kills pet

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News sources for death of Clifford Wright:
   Santa Fe New Mexican: Experts warn not to demonize dog breed
   Reprinted in The Chicago Tribune
   KOB com: My Dad loved this dog more than me
   Initial news story: Santa Fe New Mexican