Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Askin' Jackson

The owner was actually on this dog pounding it with his fist,
 trying to [make him] drop my dog.

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Jackson died Sunday after being attacked by a pit bull in the hallway of his condominium on Rivertree Lane in Winston-Salem, where he lived with his human.  Jackson was a widely followed advice columnist, dispensing relationship advice on his Facebook page to fans across the US and in Europe.

Jackson was returning from a walk on Sunday at 1:30pm. The attack occurred when the neighbors across the hall opened their door to leave. Jackson died on the way to the emergency vet.

Forsyth County Animal Control did not take the pit bull into custody because it was not considered dangerous under current local and state laws.

North Carolina law states that a dog is not considered dangerous until it attacks a human. For the dog to be considered "dangerous," Jackson's owners would have to go to court.

The owner of the pit bull, Erica Reaves,  said Monday evening that the pit bull "is a good-hearted dog." Reaves said the dog gets along with people and nothing like this incident had happened before.

"It is unfortunate that some dogs don't like each other," Reaves said.

Reaves said her 19-month-old son was near the door when the attack occurred. The dog was protecting the boy when it attacked Jackson, she said.

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  1. IMHO any creature that attacks and kills a non-threatening pet should be put down. For those who feel that only humans are worthy of consideration, consider this: Just as virtually every mass murderer started out by killing animals, virtually every dog that's killed a human has had a prior history of killing animals.

    Murderous violence is murderous violence, don't bother playing mind games with yourself by splitting hairs about the specifics of the victim species.


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