Thursday, April 14, 2011


Jesse Lorange and his Shih Tzu, Bailey, appear in this undated photo.

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People who live in a south-Ottawa apartment building are angry after a neighbour's pit bull attacked and killed a small dog -- while the 11-year-old owner watched in horror.

Jesse was taking Bailey for a stroll after school on Wednesday when he encountered a woman walking three dogs, including two pit bulls.

Suddenly one pit bull broke free from its leash and attacked, going for Bailey's throat. The Shih Tzu was dead moments later in what witnesses say was an unprovoked attack.  The 10-year-old American red nose pit bull, Tyrus, wasn't wearing a muzzle, in violation of provincial law.

The Ontario government issued a pit bull ban in 2005. The law prohibits breeding, importing or abandoning pit bulls in Ontario, and requires a muzzle for existing pit bulls when in public .

Charlie Mayer told us the dog belongs to his daughter. He also admitted to having a pit bull of his own, and said that the dogs had never behaved violently before. "In the past, it was very controllable," he said. Mayer now faces the possibility of eviction.

"I feel really weird, upset, complicated, confused," Jennifer Mayer said Thursday. "My hands are tied. If it was my choice, I'd be keeping my dog."

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Compiled from various news sources, including CTV OttawaCBC News, and the Toronto Sun.

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