Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ASI: Response from Kenneth Shapiro

On March 1st SRUV wrote an Open Letter to the Animals and Society Institute. Kenneth Shapiro, the Executive Director of ASI, sends the following reply.

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The Animals and Society Institute solicits authors who are experts with academic and on-the-ground experience in a relevant policy area. Authors use existing scientific and theoretical literature to present the pros and cons of particular practices involving our treatment of nonhuman animals, framing their scientifically and theoretically grounded analysis and commentary in terms of changes in practice through regulation and legislation. All papers are vetted by two independent scholars. Dog Bites, one of 6 titles in our Policy Paper Series, meets these well-established academic standards. Although the ASI recognizes that the topics are subject to debate, it is our intent to provide the most comprehensive and factual information available at the time of publication, as noted in the Works Cited section of each paper.

The literature on the role of pit bulls in dog bites and dog fatalities is considerable and, in toto, provides a strong critique of the policy of breed-specific legislation (e. g., Voith, Ingram, Mitsouras, & Irizarry, Comparison of Adoption Agency Breed Identification and DNA Breed Identification of Dogs, Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 2009, 12, 3, 253-263).

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