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Carnival of Madness: Illinois

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The Spring silliness began with the story of a protracted legal battle in Hawthorn Woods, pitting the city against residents Brian and Jean Bacardi. By the Spring of 2015 Hawthorn Woods had spent over $28,000 in legal fees on the case; in response the Bacardis invested more than $15,000 in legal fees and at least $10,000 in boarding fees for their dogs. In February, 2013 the Bacardis had filed a lawsuit against the village. In May, 2014, Brian Bacardi was jailed for eight days for contempt of court.1

The reason for the protracted standoff? Over a period of eight years, since the Bacardi's got their eight-week old puppy Heidi, she has accumulated a lengthy rap sheet. Between 2008 and 2015 the Bacardis have been reported to various municipalities or Animal Controls (in Illinois and Florida) at least 25 times for violations, including biting and roaming dogs. At least two delivery men and a child received bites to the groin.2 In violation of vicious dog orders the Bacardis refused to install a physical fence,  defied court orders to remove Heidi from the city, and then defied orders to surrender her for humane euthanasia.

In the Chicago Tribune article3 Heidi is referred to, seven times, as a Beagle. Adult Beagles weigh no more than 22-25 lbs. This is a Beagle:

Heidi, on the other hand, weighs at least 40 - 50 lbs, perhaps twice as much as a normal Beagle. There is one telling reference in the article to Heidi as a Beagle mix. Photos of  Heidi are copyright protected and are not reproduced here. The photo below is a Beagle x pit bull, and is strikingly similar in appearance to published images of Heidi:

The author of the article, Ronnie Wachtler, carefully described Heidi's repeated biting, as well as the obstinacy of the Bacardis. But the takeaway appears to be that the village of Hawthorn Woods recklessly spent tax dollars on persecuting a harmless little Beagle.4

All this anguish, all the bites, all the police and Animal Control man hours, all of the legal rigamarole, all of the wasted tax dollars, all of the wasted energy over many years, the clogging of the courts with useless, frivolous cases: all of it is easily understood once we acknowledge that Heidi is first and foremost a pit bull mix.

With that understanding the takeaway is changed: pit bull genes are now, sadly and perhaps irreversibly, widely dispersed in the rescue and shelter gene pool. For many of us the good old American mutt, loaded with hybrid vigor and boundless good cheer, is a thing of the past. Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue has become a high risk activity.5

* * * * *

The account of Heidi the biting 'beagle' was lost in the clamor over another story that broke the same day and was widely reported. Armed robbers took three pit bulls, two of which were pregnant, from a backyard breeding operation. The pit bulls appear to be "American Bullies" and are reportedly valued at $15,000 each.

Many of the commenters under published news accounts expressed outrage that the story was widely reported as an armed robbery of a law-abiding business, while nowhere was it noted that the backyard breeders were running a tax-free operation supplying high-end fighting breed dogs.

Doing the numbers on this robbery: pit bulls often whelp ten or more puppies; 20 puppies @ $15,000 = $300,000. Even if the pups only brought in $500/ea the take could amount to $10,000. We assume the backyard breeders are back in business with their remaining dogs.

* * * * *

The Animal Protective League in Springfield, Illinois, made headlines for harboring or adopting out dangerous dogs. Volunteer James Sanders was attacked by Stewart, who is advertised on the agency’s website as a 49-pound pit bull mix puppy. Following the attack on Sanders the APL continued to promote Stewart for adoption. Later reports indicate that Sanders was prepared to sue to halt the adoption of Stewart.

* * * * * *

One of the most bizarre news stories came from WGN TV9 Chicago. In a brief (105 word) account the station described the attack, in which two small dogs were killed, as a fight in which the pit bull survived. The real story is told in an eloquent, outraged comment posted by Marc Brown:
How dare you call a vicious pit bull attack on two small dogs a ‘fight’? How dare you say ‘the pit bull survived’, as if the pit bull’s life was in danger as it attacked two small dogs? In fact, this pit bull’s life should have been in danger and it should have died on the spot — someone should have choked, stabbed or shot it to death.

How dare you call Chicago Pit Bull Care and Protection ‘Animal Care and Control’? The only thing that agency does in Chicago is make sure pit bull type dogs will live to maul or kill another day, no matter whether those pit bulls have killed a dog or a child.
Mr Brown deserves a journalism watchdog award.

* * * * * 

Among the accounts of attacks on humans and on our More Vulnerable Animal Companions in Illinois this summer, there were also a few uplifting stories. A former Olympic boxer fought off a pit bull as it attacked an 8-year-old boy on the Chicago's South Side. The child was initially taken to Metro South Hospital in Blue Island, then transferred to Christ Hospital for further treatment. Officials say he may have permanent damage to one of his legs.

The Good Samaritan, Danell Nicholson, also received injuries during the encounter and was hospitalized.

In a related incident, a UPS driver was rescued by a postal carrier after being attacked by a pit bull in the North Austin neighborhood on Chicago's West Side. UPS driver Jesus Toledo received injuries to his ear, head, forearm, hands and ankle, and underwent surgery at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. Animal care has up to 30 days to make a determination about the dog’s future. It can be returned to its owner, banished from the city or destroyed, said a spokesman for the city’s department of Animal Care and Control.

* * * * * 

The most heart-wrenching story to emerge from this Carnival of Madness is the death of 9-year old James W. Nevils III. His grandfather stood in the doorway of his home, grave and dignified in his anguish, and choking back his tears, delivered this lovely eulogy for the TV cameras:
He was a good boy, a very good boy. I just can't believe he's gone. I'm just devastated. . . . He was all boy. Basketball, football, he was all boy. He was a loving little kid.

James W. Nevils III; d. May 25, 2015

* * * * *
1 In addition, in 2010 the Bacardis, who at the time owned three residences, filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, a request which was dismissed. See the Memorandum Opinion of the US Bankruptcy Court.
2 See the Timeline of Heidi's incident record.
3 The story was authored by Ronnie Wachtler of the Lake Zurich Courier, a Pioneer Press subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune.
4 See Muck Rack, a compilation of Tweets on the article.
5 See How behavior testing fails adopters, dogs, volunteers & shelter staff, Animals 24/7, September 9, 2015.

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