Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Debacle at Hazel Park Pt 2

The following exchange appeared on the Facebook page of Mi-PACA, the Michigan PAC for Animals, and was posted on May 7, 2015, the day after Hazel Park rescinded the city's ban on pit bulls.

The two participants are Alicia Riley and an unknown individual responding from Mi-PACA's Facebook account.

The exchange has been reformatted for legibility. All messages between Ms Riley and the Mi-PACA representative are unaltered and have been copied in their entirety. Mike refers to Mike Toma, who was featured in the March 12 Daily Tribune story. Jaimie is Jamie Kraczkowski or her boyfriend, Jaimie Dopke. Big Jamie appears to be the name of Ms Riley's pit bull.

See the previous post, Part 1, for events which led to the following exchange.

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Alicia Riley, May 7 at 2:29pm:
This is awesome that we got the ban changed. But sad thay the girl that started this all, NEVER went to one meeting to show her Thanks to everyone that supported her. And really sad to all the people that donated to her on gofund me account and she's back with him. Smh but all that matters is the ones that showed up to every meeting and fought for our rights
Mi-PACA, May 7 at 2:34pm:
We noticed that as well. We also noticed that her GoFundMe page was set-up to raise $2,000 for her to move. After she hit that goal, she continued to share it and was up to $7,000 last we saw it.
Alicia Riley, May 7 at 2:37pm:
Yes she ended up with 9000. Very sad and a pathetic human. But at least all the people that had there hearts in this accomplished our goal. It was all about the money to her. Very disgusted Jaimie couldn't even go to one meeting.
Mi-PACA, May 7 at 2:40pm:
Or say thank you. She is probably embarrassed because we learned that her statement to us and to the media did not match her statement on the police report. Sickened that she took advantage of people's kindness, yet her friend who got into trouble simply for helping her out got no support from her at all. Well, at least the incident got this ball rolling and stand-up people took it from there.
Alicia Riley, May 7 at 3:10pm:
The thing is the dog is vicious. It attached my dog, (But becouse we also have a pit, we couldn't report it) and it wasn't the first time ice attached Big Jamie. She lied about a lot of things. She should of gotten into trouble for filing a false report and fraud for taking innocent people's money. She cried on tv that everything was his, and she had nothing, but yet she took everything of his when she moved out. And sad she couldn't support Mike and his dogs after all he did for her. Mike feels bad becouse he wasn't able to make it last night due to he had surgery yesterday. Karma is a B*tch and she will get what's coming to her.
Mi-PACA, May 7 at 3:12pm:
We hope Mike is the most relieved guy in Hazel Park. (smile emoticon)
Alicia Riley, May 7 at 3:33pm:
Yes he is, he is my neighbor, he's very releaved, and thankful for everyone that helped with this cause.

Mike Toma and Diesel

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Mi-PACA Facebook post of May 7, 2015
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