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Maryland Legislative Timeline

& Timeline of Pit Bull Attacks

Thi list includes a few of the recent Maryland pit bull attacks
and a legislative timeline for the period April 2012 -- April 2014

(L = Legislative entry)

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(NOTE: SRUV ceased logging Maryland pit bull attacks in July, 2015)

July 10, 2015; Herald-Mail, Washington County
Humane Society locates owner of pit bulls in City Park attack of Pomeranian

June 11, 2015; NBC 4 Prince George County
Dog bites on the rise in the DC area

May 7, 2015; Brooklyn Park, MD
Women taken to hospital after being attacked by dogs in Brooklyn Park

February 9, 2015; Ellicott City, MD
Howard police officer shoots, kills pit bull
Citing animal control records and statements from neighbors, police said the residence "has a long history of animal complaints, including citations for dogs running loose and acting dangerously."

January 29, 2015; Chartridge, Anne Arundel County
Pit bull kills smaller dog, bites woman in Severna Park

January 20, 2015; Delmarva
Salisbury officer fires shot at charging pit bull

January 20, 2015; Baltimore Sun
In Frederick, a tragic reminder of pit bull ruling

January 7, 2015: (Frederick County)
Frederick man fatally attacked by pit bull


November 21, 2014 (Lusby, Calvert County)
Police seek owners of pit bulls that attacked girl

Oct 16, 2014
Terrier mix mauls Silver Spring pet sitter; police shoot and kill dog

October 6, 2014
Md. woman says her dog was killed by pit bulls in front of her home
Clinton neighbors say it is like having monsters outside their homes. They say it is not uncommon to carry a stick as wild pit bulls roam their streets.

July 18, 2014
Pit bull shot by police returns to Loveville area home

July 8, 2014
Maryland troopers shoot, kill 2 charging pit bulls

July 8, 2014
Trooper kills pit bull attacking woman

June 11, 2014
Pit bull attacks child
The child lost more than 60 percent of her scalp because of the dog attacks and required 80 stitches to her head and face, according to authorities, who said she also suffered lost tissue trauma on her abdomen, legs and arms.

June 6, 2014
Geyserville girl seriously attacked by a pit bull
Leah Johnson, a 6-year old Geyserville, California resident, was attacked by two pit bull while on vacation with her family in Cambridge Maryland.

May 19, 2014
Police shoot two pit bulls attacking 12-year old child in Baltimore

April 28, 2014
Two years after Court ruling, pit bulls on attack
   by Dan Rodricks, the Baltimore Sun

April 22, 2014
Two-year-old in Essex suffers serious injuries from pit bull attack

April 3, 2014 (L)
Assembly passes pit bull bill that abrogates Court's ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous

January 29, 2014
Pit bull adopted from Baltimore attacks new family in York, Pennsylvania
"Honestly I think [the dog] would have killed one of us if he had had the chance," his mother said.  "My older son is going to have scars all over his body." . . . The attack comes as lawmakers in Annapolis debate, again, whether pit bulls should be considered more dangerous than other dogs.

The shelter's director, Jennifer Brause, said "But we've also seen small dogs that have done some very serious biting to put people in the hospital for long periods of time."  (Editor: Ms Brause did not offer evidence in support of her claim that smaller dogs have caused serious injuries.)

January 11, 2014
Two Maryland pit bulls put down after attacking spaniel

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December 30, 2013
Woman, dog attacked by pit bulls in Glen Burnie

December 23, 2013
Owner saves Chihuahua from attack

November 1, 2013
Baltimore woman dies after pit bull attack
. . . the dog first attacked her mother about two years ago, biting her face so savagely that "whenever my mom would open her mouth, her cheek would open with it." The dog attacked again last year, biting both Douglass and one of her sons.

October 27, 2013
Dog attacks, eats other dog
"And the owner was there and we were telling the cops please kill it because he was eating the dog. But they said they couldn’t and he ate the dog.” Police said they have to follow specific protocol in this sort of Animal Control situation.

October 14, 2013
Pit bulls terrorize Maryland community
Fullerton residents say three separate dog attacks happened within three days.

September 6, 2013, Reistertown
Dog dead after being attacked by pit bull
This dog was in the neighborhood. It could have been a child, and I tried with all of my might to pull that dog off my dog, and I was beating that dog so bad. I wish it could have been me being bitten instead [of] my dog because she was only tiny. . . .

August 21, 2013, Laurel
Pit bull attacks 3 girls and 66-year old woman in Laurel

July 29, 2013; Clinton
Pit bull attacks two children
The dog’s owner, 20-year-old Drew Byron Street, was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with a violation of the Prince George’s County law that prohibits possession of pit bulls.

June 21, 2013; Glen Burnie
Glen Burnie Couple Severely Injured In Pit Bull Attack
Glen Burnie Couple faces eviction
Janet Miller, 57, and Ken Linc, 53, were taken to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where both were in serious condition. They had been house sitting a pit bull belonging to Ms Miller's daughter, and now face eviction for illegally harboring the pit bull.

June 20, 2013; Carrollton Ridge neighborhood of South Baltimore
Attack on 7-year-old boy
Neither Animal Control nor Health Dept notified of attack by unvaccinated pit bull which sends 7-yo to hospital

June 19, 2013; Gaithersburg
Pit bull kills bichon frise in Gaithersburg
...the pit bull ran over and bit her dog’s neck, not releasing it until after the 11-year-old purebred bichon frise was dead. . . . It will be released to its owner on June 30.

April 27, 2013, St. Helena Dog Park
Dog owner recounts attack at new dog park
Yellow Labrador retriever attacked by two pit bulls; pit bulls came with separate owners but joined forces in the attack on Annie

April 9, 2013
WTOP 103.5 FM
House, Senate fail to reach agreement;  HB 78 / SB 160 tabled; legislative session ends;

April 3, 2013, 8600 block of Billingsley Road, Waldorf area of White Plains
Five yo girl attacked; flown to Children's National Medical Center in D.C. in critical condition

Mar 11, 2013, Conley Street, Dundalk
2 yo toddler bit in face by family pit bull mix

Feb 28, 2013, Marine Rd, Salisbury
Owner of five pit bulls injured, ACO injured

Feb 22, 2013; North Point Rd.
Owner mauled by her two pit bulls

* * * * * 


Dec 31, 2012, Ellicott City
Chester Wortham III attacked by three pit bulls while jogging

Dec 1, 2012, Hagerstown
Three people attacked by 2 pit bulls

Dec 1, 2012, Pasadena
Boy 7 yo and aunt who curled over him in fetal position while pit bull pursued attack; child airlifted with extensive injuries

Nov 22, 2012, Pasadena
Vanessa Feeheley, 89 yo; mauled by pit bull; mangled arm

Oct 6, 2012, Germantown
Max Cardenas, 10 yo mauled by pit bull, puppy "Drake" killed

September 12, 2012 
Baltimore resident (and pit bull owner) Joseph Weigel files a federal lawsuit against Maryland and Armistead Homes Corp. The suit was joined by neighbors Joanna Profili and Jenine Gangi and amended to a class-action complaint.

August 30, 2012, E Pratt St, Baltimore City
Woman attacked in her apartment; suffers serious injuries

August 26, 2012, Great Mills
Two children attacked; "traumatic injuries"

August 21, 2012 
Court will not reconsider April decision, but issues revised ruling which eliminates “cross-breed” pit bulls from the ruling.

August 15, 2012 
General Assembly closes special session without reaching a House/Senate compromise; new legislation stalled.

July 27, 2012, Dicus Mill Road, Gambrills
27-yo man suffered injuries to his upper and lower body

July 10, 2012 
Letter from Asst. Attorney General Kathryn Rowe to Delegate Heather R. Mizeur; the Court's April 26 ruling is stayed while the court considers a Motion for Reconsideration.

June 19, 2012, Severna Park
Nine-year old child attacked

May 29, 2012 
House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller convene a legislative Task Force to study the Court decision regarding pit bulls and propose new legislation which would abrogate the ruling.

May 4, 2012, Severna Park
Pit bull "runs out of the woods" and attacks children at Tracey Elementary School peewee lacrosse practice

April 26, 2012 
Maryland Court of Appeals establishes a "strict liability standard in respect to the owning, harboring, or control of pit bulls and cross-bred pit bulls. . . "

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