Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Carnival of Madness

2013 may go down as the craziest year in US pit bull history since the dogmen went underground. Here are the highlights.
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Feb 20:
Vegas woman arrested for sex with pit bull, in her yard.
See "Crimes Against Nature" below

May 12:
Keith Eckert of Edmonds WA filmed a dog fight in his neighbor's back yard; within days the video went viral. This was the signal for pit bull advocates and rescuers to act out. Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue waded into the fray. So did Rose Marie's son, against his mother. Blogger Brandia Taamu,1 apparently a supporter of the Washington State Militia, launched a furious assault on -- everybody?
See SRUV post: Importing Pit Bulls

June 6:
RI woman sics pit bulls on TV reporter
New York Magazine

August 8:
After an escalating series of pit bull attacks in Southern California, including two fatal pit bull attacks, the LA Times responded with a series of editorial page articles advocating in behalf of pit bulls.

After the third fatal pit bull attack in Southern California, in which 2-year old Samuel Eli Zamudio was killed in San Bernardino County, the Times doubled down and issued a formal Editorial Page Opinion AGAINST Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Yes, you read that right.
See SRUV post: Doubling Down

October 17
Sometime in the middle of the night Crystal Gale Fessler crawled through security fencing at All About Animals shelter in Macon GA and released dozens of dogs, many of them pit bulls and bulldog mixes. A massive dogfight ensued, leaving dead and wounded dogs scattered around the yard. Is Fessler a dogfighter or an advocate? No one knows.
The Macon Telegraph
Crystal Gayle Fessler

November 14
Pit bull chews through Toyota Yaris, trying to get to cat
WPLG Channel 10 Miami

December 6: Dogs Going North
Massive airlift in private airplanes takes 400+ dogs from shelters in Southern California, and flies them to cities in the Pacific NW. Cost of flights, 400 travel kennels, collars, leashes, food, shots, logistics at receiving end, etc. (all of which were donated) easily runs to six figures.

This was the 3rd annual airlift.
San Bernardino Sun

December 19
From the Emory News Center: Professor Donna Troka of Emory University offers a fall quarter credit course on pit bulls in which class members introduce Atlanta inner-city children to pit bulls.2
See SRUV post: Emory at Risk

December 28: Dogs Going South
Steve Markwell loaded his 124 "Sanctuary of Sorrow" dogs into a 53-foot tractor trailer in the dead of night. Markwell, founder and director of no-kill Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, was under investigation by local authorities for animal abuse and left town with his animals and his cellphone, and with no destination in mind.

Most of the dogs had been turned over to Markwell's no-kill sanctuary after they were determined to be dangerous, and most have a history of attacking or biting other animals or people. Many of the dogs are considered unadoptable.

Guardians of Rescue, a Smithtown, NY  rescue organization, headlined the intervention and guided Markwell to a soft landing in Arizona. Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, is a producer for the upcoming TV reality show “The Diamond Collar,” about a mobster-turned-dog groomer. Misseri's previous reality show was about a group of tender-hearted outlaw bikers who rescue pit bulls.

RUFF, an Arizona rescue sanctuary, volunteered to take Markwell's dogs but doesn't have resources to care for them. On Dec. 11 the shelter had appealed for donations to cover $15,000 in back payments on the property where the kennel is located.

Dog Spot, a Seattle-based rescue, then helped rescue all the other rescues.

Opposing Views; Guardians of Rescue, Komo News, Peninsula Daily News, Peninsula Daily News
See SRUV post: Dog Laundering

And that's the way it was . . . . .

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1  Brandia blogs about animals on Animal Law News & Abuse. When she isn't blogging about animal abuse she's blogging about who, Adams-Beutler or herself, has the most eviction notices, who has had their children removed  more often, and who has the most police citations.

2  American Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies 385
   The Dividing Lines: Pit bulls, Identity, and Community
    Fall 2013- Tu/Th 10:00 a.m.-11:15 a.m

Crimes Against Nature:
Feb 20: Vegas woman arrested for sex with pit bull
Mar 28: Man arrested for rape of employer's pit bull
Jun 03: Man arrested for having sex with pit bull at city pound
Sep 01: Kurtis Peterson gets 15 years for sexually assaulting pit bull
Dec 03: Chesterfield teen sexually abused pit bull
Xxx ??: Georgia teen arrested for raping employer's pit bulls
Xxx ??: Florida man arrested for raping girlfriend's pit bull

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