Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Chol Inquest

Any dog has the ability to attack ... any dog will attack when it gets aroused to a certain point.
Dr Jane Dunnett, Werribee Veterinary Hospital

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Memo to: Dr Dunnett

Please note that when a chihuahua becomes aggressive it is merely a nuisance; it does not maul or kill a human.

Furthermore, we are wondering what possible reason you could have had for making this statement at the inquest into the death of a child? The statement wrongly implies that any dog might have killed Ayen Chol. Does this not seem inappropriate to you?

Your attempt to deflect responsibility from the attacking dog demonstrates a callous disregard for the life and death of Ayen Chol.


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Dr Dunnett's comment is not original. Various versions have been in use since the advocates of fighting breeds began defending pit bulls, and the phrase is now identified by the characters Ax3.

Perhaps the most imaginative version was invented by Michael Linke, the CEO of  RSPCA ACT and the owner of a pit bull (Any Dog is capable of any act, at any point in time). Mr Linke was commenting to the press in the days immediately following the death of Ayen Chol.

The use of Ax3 following a pit bull attack on a child is rampant among veterinarians, and brings disrepute on the AVA. The defense of pit bulls by veterinarians is so common that it raises questions about the policies of the AVA and the curriculum of the veterinary schools.

We strongly urge the AVA and the veterinary schools to disavow the defense of pit bulls in the aftermath of a mauling, which brings disgrace to the entire profession.

Furthermore, the veterinary schools should evaluate their curriculum to insure that fighting breeds are identified as the menace they have proven to be. If the AVA and the veterinary schools continue to ignore the reality of fighting breeds, and perversely, to defend them, these institutions are at risk of losing the respect of the public they serve.

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