Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fierce Chihuahuas

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We know that Chihuahuas are as capable of biting, or more capable of biting, as so-called pit bulls.
MPP Chen DiNovo, Toronto

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SRUV has previously identified an argument used by advocates of pit bulls in which the advocates compare pit bulls with Chihuahuas and claim that Chihuahuas are more aggressive. They make this claim with apparent sincerity. 

Pit bull advocates seem not to notice how bizarre this argument is. The following examples were all found with a single search of the news, and copied as quickly as we could cut-and-paste them. It is as if a Kremlin propagandist sent out a talking points memo a few days ago, and the pit bull advocates are obediently responding. 

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There are bad Chihuahuas when I'm out for a walk that the owners can't control. I think it has to do with the owners, not the dog.

In fact, studies show that bites from such breeds as chihuahuas, golden retrievers, Labradors, poodles, Scottish terrier, and Shetland sheepdog breeds occur quite often. (MPP Laurie Scott)

Anyone who's been chomped by a Chihuahua . . . knows that pit bulls are not the only biters, and in many cases are not biters at all.

New Democratic MPP Chen DiNovo correctly noted that any canine can bite a person and some breeds are even more aggressive than pit bulls. "Everyone knows it's the deed, not the breed, that's the problem. We know that German shepherds, we know that Labrador retrievers, we know that Chihuahuas are as capable of biting, or more capable of biting, as so-called pit bulls."
     CBC.CA and TheStar.COM

I'e never been bitten by a pit bull. I've been bitten by a Chihuahua, a poodle, a hound dog.

If you speak to veterinarians you will find that they feel pit bulls are incredibly sweet dogs and that the most aggressive breed that comes in is Chihuahuas.

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