Friday, March 30, 2012

Columbus, GA

Radical animal rights activists have targeted Columbus with a national misinformation campaign, alleging animal abuse and mistreatment at the city's Animal Control Center.
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, March 29, 2012

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To: Teresa Tomlinson, Mayor, Columbus GA

We read with interest the article in the Ledger-Enquirer, which describes in detail the tactics used by advocates of fighting breeds to attack your city's Animal Care & Control. Similar tactics have previously been employed elsewhere in the country, and have led to the termination of dedicated employees at animal care facilities. 

I'm certain that, after reading the newspaper coverage, many people must have thought as I did: What's Wrong With This Picture? Perhaps you (or others) can add to my list below:
  1. The city gave the dog to Animal Ark Rescue. This was the first mistake in this chain of errors, and it is the most understandable. Cities across the country are under increasing pressure to lower euthanasia rates, and are too quick to pass their animals off to unqualified rescue organizations. The organizations which "rescue" the dogs then take extraordinary measures, often with little oversight, to place them in new homes.
  2. Animal Ark was irresponsible in placing this dog in a home with two smaller dogs.
  3. Animal Ark was, additionally, irresponsible for placing the dog in a home without assuring that he was neutered and inoculated.
  4. The adoptive owner did not fully inform herself of the hazards of adopting a fighting breed.
  5. Animal Ark is demanding the return of the dog.
  6. Katherine Poteat, a local animal rights activist, demanded that the Mayor divulge the dog's whereabouts, and also informed the Mayor that the issue was now in the hands of "The Lexus Project."
  7. The city paid a contract veterinarian for an evaluation and continues to pay for the shelter and care of a dog that has a history of aggression and has little hope of being adopted.
  8. The city has hosted a series of dog-and-pony shows for attorneys and reporters, all of which divert time and resources away from the animals who justifiably deserve them.
All this expense of time and money on behalf of a dog that has been declared vicious? Have we lost our senses?

As we mentioned above, the tactics described in the newspaper coverage have been employed by no-kill extremists before, but we have never before seen  news coverage of any successful resistance to them. We applaud you, your staff, and your city for resisting the extremists and for bringing these bullying, coercive tactics into the public view.

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Source:  Animal rights activists attack Columbus, GA

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