Monday, August 29, 2011

Dangerous Dog Laws

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Janelle Jerman was walking her 2-year-old Yorkie on August 22nd near 62nd Place and Yukon Court, when two pit bulls jumped out of a car window and attacked.

They grabbed Uno and disemboweled him right in front of me.

Three weeks earlier the same pit bull that killed Uno attacked Kimberly Green's West Highland Terrier, Chloe. The owners of the pit bull were also issued a summons last year for having a vicious dog.

Arvada police spokeswoman Susan Medina said that if it's not a person who was attacked, police don't automatically remove dogs.

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City of Arvada comment on Breed Bans
City of Arvada Animal Rules and Regulations
Arvada Municipal Code, Chapter 14, Sec 51 (Dangerous Animals)

ABC 7 News, Arvada, CO