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Port Huron Official Blames the Victim

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"She climbed the fence and jumped in and basically subjected herself to the attacks, which constitutes a purposeful act."

   -- Dr Ljubisa Dragovic
       Chief Medical Examiner, Oakland County
Rebecca Hardy, d. December 3, 2015

On Wednesday, December 2, 4-year old Xavier Strickland was pulled from his mother's arms and mauled before her eyes by four pit bulls on Detroit's West Side. "They just ate him," said his mother later. On the following day 22-year old Rebecca Hardy was mauled to death in a Port Huron back yard.

There are few questions about the attack on Xavier; Geneke Lyons, the dogs' owner, has been charged with 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, and possessing dangerous animals causing death.

But no one saw Rebecca Hardy wander into a neighbor's fenced yard as evening was falling the next day. She may have been distraught. She may have been tipsy, disoriented, or simply thoughtless. She may have wanted companionship from what she took to be companionable dogs. She may have wanted a moment's respite from a difficult life. Whatever she was thinking, she entered the wrong back yard and was killed.

Because Rebecca's life was young and unsettled, her terrible death has been exposed to public scrutiny.

We do not know why Rebecca climbed over the fence (if she did), and neither does Dr Dragovic. But in statements made to the press the doctor referred to her death as a suicide. A British newspaper has labeled Dr Dragovic's statements "bizarre".1, 2

Dr Dragovic claims to understand Rebecca's motives at the moment she entered the dog's back yard, even though she left no note and told no one. Somehow Dr Dragovic knows what the the 22-year old mother was thinking when she climbed over the fence. Dr Dragovic officially determined that Rebecca wanted the dogs to kill her by mauling her to death. There must be countless ways to commit suicide; choosing to have your body ripped apart by dogs must be the most horrifying and painful ways to accomplish it. People who want to end their lives do not choose to be eaten alive.

A neighbor noted that the dogs often ran free and were troublesome. Many believe that Rebecca could have been killed by pit bulls that escaped and pulled her back into their yard, under or through the poorly maintained fence, as happened the previous day to Xavier.3

Moveover, Dr Dragovic revealed elements of Rebecca's personal medical history to journalists. Who then published it. Dr. Dragovic broke a cardinal rule of the medical profession. He exposed private medical records to the scrutiny of the public.

It has been a long process but decades ago we learned to not blame victims of rape for being victims of rape. Victims of domestic abuse are often still blamed for being victimized. Now Dr Dragovic has added a new class of victims to those who are held accountable: victims of fatal pit bull attacks.

Only a thorough investigation will satisfy the public. Dr Dragovic should be censored by the Michigan Board of Medical Examiners and the Michigan Association of Medical Examiners. A public apology is also in order.

2015 marks the fourth consecutive year in which pit bulls have been involved in at least 30 human fatalities. Two of those deaths occurred on successive days this month in Michigan. The Michigan House of Representatives is currently considering a bill which would preempt Breed Specific Legislation in the state. Legislators who are closest to the fire often fail to recognize the cause of the fire, and the bill to preempt BSL may pass. Senate bill 239, a bill written to protect dangerous dogs, has been heavily promoted by pit bull advocacy groups. The results of the vote will not alter the groundswell of public opinion favoring public safety protections from pit bulls.

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1   Death of mother, 22, who was mauled in pit bull attack is bizarrely ruled a SUICIDE as medical examiner says she climbed into their enclosure on purpose to get mauled; December 10, 2015; Daily Mail
2   Correction: Dr Dragovic's finding that Rebecca Hardy's death was suicide may, in a clinical sense, be accurate. In a purely forensic sense, suicide means simply that the death was not of natural cause, occurred through the actions of the victim, and no one else caused it to occur. However, Dr Dragovic also refers to Ms Hardy's motivations, which none of us are privy to. His public announcements are misleading, inflammatory, and caused unnecessary pain for Ms Hardy's family. Moreover, they have exacerbated a highly sensitive issue.
3   Pit Bull attacks are not a racial issue, Times Herald, December 13, 2015


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