Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dog Laundering

The following letter is reprinted by permission of the author1 and by permission of Animal People,2 where it first appeared.
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To the Editors of Animal People,

I believe animal shelters have a moral and legal duty to investigate, record and report about the behavior of every dog put up for adoption.  I have created materials for them to do it, including written policies and procedures, as well as forms.  The kit is called Avoiding Liability When You Train, Shelter or Adopt Out a Dog,  available via <www.dogbitelaw.com>.

I coined the term “dog laundering” to describe the intentional breach of an animal shelter’s duties that takes place when a vicious dog is transferred from one group to another for the purpose of disguising its history and placing it in an unsuspecting new home.  I believe that such conduct on the part of the groups is both a tort and a crime.  Just as bad,  it is harmful to the honest adoption/shelter groups and to good dogs who need homes,  because as the public becomes aware of the practice of dog laundering,  people will return to the pet stores.

Kenneth M. Phillips
Attorney at Law
kphillips {@] dogbitelaw dot com

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1 Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips, the author of Dog Bite Law, dogbitelaw.com
2 Animal People, October 2013, p6 (Web page no longer available)

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Sources cited by news media sometimes refer to "Animal Advocates" or sometimes "Experts." In many cases these words are used to refer to single-purpose pit bull advocates who have never advocated for any other breeds or species of animals. Media would be more accurate to refer to these pit bull advocates as advocates of fighting breeds.

Similarly, in many cases pit bull advocates refer to themselves as "dog lovers" or "canine advocates" and media often accepts this usage. The majority of these pit bull advocates are single-purpose advocates of fighting breeds.