Monday, December 24, 2012


Following our recent post on the death of two-year-old Savannah Mae Edwards (NOLA to Topeka) we received a response from a recipient of our email alerts. The exchange is copied in its entirety below:

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On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 5:00 PM, - - - - - -  wrote:
Reporting you for spam
From: Safe Island
Date: Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 5:10 PM
Hi - - - - - - - ,
SRUV does not spam anyone. All it takes is a simple request to remove your email address.
We've removed your address from our list, as requested.
On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 5:18 PM, - - - - - - - wrote:
I would have never signed up for your sudden, random and unprovoked emails... reported none the less. End of chain.

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All SRUV email alerts include the following note:
SRUV email alerts are currently mailed to over 2500 domestic and international humane and animal welfare professionals, scholars of animal law and human-animal studies, ethologists and bioethicists, attorneys, legislators and law enforcement, veterinarians, journalists with an interest in canines, and other individuals with a demonstrated interest in pit bulls.
Even though we have always posted a Contact page with our email address, we will now add the following line to our email alerts:
To subscribe or unsubscribe from SRUV email alerts contact safeisland911 [at] gmail.
We do not want to send mail to anyone who does not want to receive our alerts. If you would like your name removed from our mail list please tell us.

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Maintaining our email list is a time-consuming undertaking. We try to inform as many people as possible, without wasting our own most precious resource: time. So we are careful in building our list, choosing only  those whom we believe will want to be informed on this controversial problem. Following each mailing we carefully purge our list of undeliverable addresses, so we do not consume bandwidth needlessly and do not send unwanted mail.  Many of those on our list obviously disagree with our views on animal welfare; we suspect they read SRUV to stay informed. Nearly all of those who cancel are polite.

Rarely do we receive vitriolic letters. Since many advocates of fighting breeds are affiliated with university law departments, some of the letters we receive carry a cynical or superior tone. One such letter came from an animal law professor, author of significant work on animal law, at a prestigious university in the Washington DC area. That letter, and our reply, can be read in an earlier post, Unsupported Rhetoric.

It came as no surprise that our correspondent in the most recent exchange is a software developer with an address that indicated a Kansas connection. She is attractive, with above average education and income, and is the proud owner of three pit bulls. There is no formula to predict the demographic for advocates of fighting breeds. Nor is it possible to predict who among us hides an explosive anger under a veneer of civility.

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2-year-old Topeka girl dies from dog attack
     (Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec 13, 2012)
Child, 2, Dies Of Injuries Suffered In Dog Attack
     (, Dec 14, 2012)
Dog Attack Victim Identified
     (, Dec 14, 2012)
** City approves animal ordinance
      (Topeka Capital-Journal, Nov 28, 2010)

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