Monday, December 3, 2012

Slander in Ukiah

You're dealing with animals, and . . . they can be unpredictable.
Sage Mountainfire
Mendocino County Animal Care Adoption Coordinator

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To: Mendocino County Board of Supervisors

We are writing in response to the recent article in the Ukiah Daily Journal, which describes the attack on Mike Johnson and his canine companion by a dog recently adopted out from the Mendocino County Animal Care Services.

According to Ms Mountainfire, the attack happened because dogs "can be unpredictable." This claim misrepresents the true nature of our canine animal companions. Ms Mountainfire's claim that all dogs are unpredictable suggests that families should be wary of living with Golden Retrievers or Yorkshire Terriers.

Unfortunately, it is not at all unusual for animal welfare professionals, following an attack by a pit bull, to defend the attacking pit bull by claiming any dog might have done the same thing. Another recent example is a statement by the Director of the Rhode Island SPCA. Dr Finocchio is quoted as saying:
No animal should be trusted because they are unpredictable entities.
Dr. E.J. Finocchio, RI SPCA 
The unsupported assertion that all dogs are unpredictable is slanderous to the millions of reliable, gentle animal companions. Pit bulls, on the other hand, are subject to idiopathic aggression and thus are unpredictable. Thousands or tens of thousands of owners of pit bulls have expressed bewilderment after their well-cared for, previously well-behaved pit bull suddenly and for no apparent reason attacks a human or another animal. Idiopathic aggression has been acknowledged for several decades, but the subject has been buried.

When we began reading the news of pit bull attacks we were stunned by the similarity of the responses to pit bull attacks by animal welfare professionals; they are entirely predictable. Now that we are accustomed to these responses by these paid advocates of fighting breeds we are simply saddened. And disgusted.

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We will also bring your attention to the blatant dishonesty currently on the home page of the Mendocino County Animal Services web page. The dog featured on your front page and offered for adoption, named Tracker, is described as a Border Collie mix.

Tracker is a pit bull mix. If Mendocino County Animal Care is this conniving in their efforts to adopt out pit bulls, it is easy to understand how the recent attack in downtown Ukiah occurred, and why MCAC should be held accountable.

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