Thursday, April 18, 2013

B-More Dog

Who let dog owners down? was published as a letter to the editor of the Baltimore Sun on April 15th. The letter was signed by the president of B-More Dog, a Baltimore advocacy group. The lines below are taken from the letter:
  • the majority of legislators did this because our testimony and advocacy efforts over the last year helped them understand what it takes to build a safe and humane community for people and their pets
  • That's what makes it absolutely unacceptable that a compromise could not be found
  • Lawmakers have been receiving thousands of our e-mails, letters and calls 
  • They have heard us testify at task force and Judiciary Committee meetings.
  • They have seen us at our rallies on Lawyer's Mall and in their offices on Humane Lobby Day.
  • So imagine how thousands of us felt as we hung on to every word Monday night listening to the House floor proceedings online.
  • The bill got moved later and later into the night
  • we desperately engaged in debates with delegates on Facebook
  • and frantically continued making calls, texting, and e-mailing
  • our elected officials. . . chose to make a mockery of us by playing "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
  • That song and all your laughter will ring in our ears
  • Rest assured, you will not stop hearing from us
  • After all, somebody has to have Maryland citizens' best interests at heart.
* * * * * 

SRUV had earlier identified the relationship between some forms of pit bull advocacy and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Narcissism). As we read the letter from B-More Dog we recognized the traits associated with this disorder, including the inflated sense of self-importance, the belief that all other opinions or beliefs are invalid or inconsequential, the sense of being aggrieved, the self-pity, the sense of having been betrayed, the explosive rage, and the urge for revenge.

This letter is a catalog of symptoms and helps explain the cult-like fervor that some pit bull advocates exhibit.  One can only imagine the pressure these people brought to bear on the Delegates and Senators; with the access pit bull advocates enjoyed the pressure would have been impossible to resist. The letter illustrates why legislatures are not suited to drafting or passing appropriate pit bull legislation, and why we now depend on the Courts to protect the public.

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Who Let Dog Owners Down? Letter to the Baltimore Sun, April 15, 2013. A note under the letter reads:
The writer represents the board of directors of B-More Dog, a non-profit group that advocates for responsible dog ownership in the Baltimore area.
Neither the letter nor the byline under it mention that B-More Dog is specifically a pit bull advocacy group, but the website masthead carries the following message:
B-More Dog is a group of dedicated pit bull owners and advocates working to create a better Baltimore for dogs and their owners through outreach and education.
B-More Dog is only one of the many pit bull advocacy groups which lobbied the Maryland General Assembly since the April 26, 2012 Court of Appeals ruling.

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Statistics are from Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada, published by Animal People. To view or download the current PDF click here.


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