Friday, April 6, 2012


Pit bulls which are adopted out to families by SPCAs and shelters continue to make the news. In the short time since SRUV first addressed the NH SPCA earlier this week, more incidents involving these dogs have come to our attention. We've listed several below.
An 18-year old Elizabeth woman was bitten more than 20 times today by her dog, which then turned on a police officer who shot and killed it. . . . . The woman was first attacked by the dog, a pit bull rescue, inside her home.
The Star-Ledger, New Jersey
A 6-year-old Rochester Hills girl was hospitalized Saturday night after a pit bull bit her in the face and thigh. The homeowner told sheriff's deputies the pit bull is a rescue dog.
Rochester Hills Patch
And from a news story posted on April 5th:
Three year old Ryland Moody was in critical condition after undergoing surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital, a spokeswoman said. The child was attacked by a pit bull his mother adopted less than a month ago, and is being treated for severe trauma to the face and head.
Arkansas News
Finally, also on April 5th:
I saw the dog throw the kid around, one neighbor said. It was clamped so tight on him you couldn’t get him free. If we hadn't managed to finally free him the dog could have grabbed his neck and he would have been done for. The pit bull was adopted from the Humane League of Lancaster County in February., CBS21
What the headlines fail to tell us is the extent of the injuries in these attacks. An attack to a child's face is nearly always a disfiguring attack, with long term economic and human costs. Amaya Hess, who suffered a facial disfigurement attack as an infant in 2006, recently endured her 57th reconstructive surgery.

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