Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hall of Shame Standards

NOTE: This page has been revised and updated. See new version HERE.

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SRUV received an overwhelming response to the previous HOS post. In response to suggestions we are making the following changes:

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Any journalist who has published a Pit Bull advocacy article in a newspaper, blog, or website is eligible for the SRUV HOS. Nominees will be awarded points based on the following standards:
  1. The journalist receives one point for each term or rhetorical device from the Maul Talk Manual;
  2. The journalist receives one point for each image of a Pit Bull with infants, in affectionate poses with adults, or in a winsome pose;
  3. The journalist receives a point for each Pit Bull advocate cited; 
  4. The journalist receives a point for each citation or link from a fake science source such as the NCRC (National Canine Research Council);
  5. The journalist receives a point for each perceived expert cited or quoted.
SRUV will not attempt to score inaccuracies, distortions, or omissions.

SRUV accepts nominations from the general public. Please send a link to the article, along with any supporting links, history, or documents.

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